Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 05.06.2018

This week has been a mix of sadness, happiness, frustration, clarity, anger, disappointment, and hope. I’ve been praying and praying for God to provide me answers to some hard-hitting questions about my career choices and goals. Has he given me the answer albeit in a way that I really don’t like? I’ve been kinda preparing for a change anyway but who would’ve thought it would come this way because someone couldn’t keep up their end of the deal and I’m not talking about a specific someone if you get my drift. It’s disheartening having to start over when you didn’t want to or at least not right now. However, there is something that my friends and I always say to each other and it proves to be true even now, “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready”. Those words ring true especially in this day and time when nothing is certain or permanent. If people don’t like where they live or work they can move or quit and it’s not as big of a deal as it was in the 50s and 60s.

We are in a different day and time where relationships, friendships, careers are all up in the air. Companies are constantly “restructuring” leaving their employees unemployed or underemployed. Significant others are looking for their “soul mates” even if that involves doing it while they are still together. Things have changed and for better or worse change is good. With this huge change that has entered my life, I find myself searching for understanding but also putting in the work needed to ensure that I am constantly advancing. I have been mulling over this new potential career track for a while now even in college. Although I know ultimately I want to be a full-time or at least part-time blogger, I have career aspirations that require me to get an MBA along with some additional marketing experience. This next opportunity is strengthening another passion of mine, the desire to help, encourage, and to educate.

I’m preparing for the journey, I have no other choice but to. God, I just ask that you prepare me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I think I am ready to start again but there is this worry that exists when it comes to waiting for answers and calls. “I’ll be ok” is what I tell myself, I have a plan. There is just the fear of uncertainty but I am ready for the challenge. Plus I have the opportunity to do something amazing and great for myself and for others and I have to be happy for the opportunity from God to do that.

Peace and Love,

Michael Anthony

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Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth : 01.01.2018

God reveals peace in places that you never….

Happy New Year! God reveals peace in places that you never thought you could find it. Believing that all things are possible through hard work, dedication and most of all patience.

Ready to enter into this year with more passion and determination to achieve my goals and to be a better man, person, partner, son, brother, uncle, and friend. What’s your new year’s resolutions?! How will you ensure that this year is not like any other?

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Peace and Love

– –

Michael Anthony

Laguna Living: Until Next Time

We are only prisoners if we choose to not break the chains but I choose freedom…

My mind reminisces of the events and treats of this last week or so. So many blessings and realizations that can be counted, a few frustrations, and some photosensitivity issues too. Overall, I’m encouraged and inspired to do even more, not just for myself but for others. So many individuals suffering around this country and around this world. What can I do to make a difference?

How can I leave my mark outside of just financially giving?  I ask God to consider the works I’ve done when the end comes but will my works be worthy of consideration? We all must be willing to shine that light upon ourselves and look in the mirror. Do we reflect good things or are we selfishly going about our journey? Although, I have been here before, my time in Laguna Beach has proven to be more eye-opening than before.

I’m inspired to not just continue growing my career but to continue to grow who I am and what I can be. Most of all I’m inspired by who I can help if I continue to work hard to reach my dreams– financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are only prisoners if we choose to not break the chains but I choose freedom. 

Michael Anthony

Laguna Living : Brunch

The calming atmosphere meeting the lush expression of God’s beauty…

One of the best places to have brunch and enjoy the views that Laguna Beach offers is Las Brisas! The calming atmosphere meeting the lush expression of God’s beauty outside provides an unparalleled experience.  Everyday I’m inspired to work a little bit harder each day just so that this is my norm. It can be yours too with research, hard work and a little patience. Oh and of course some good food. 

Laguna Living: Ocean

Waves. Flowing in and out…

Waves. Flowing in and out as the rip tides appear in the distance I think of life here. How amazing it would be to allow my stress and worries dissipate with the sound of the ocean crashing against the coast. Praying for an opportunity to make my life more meaningful than just a steady job and comfortable quality. 

What about my dreams? What about living? I am alive but am I living if I’m not doing everything possible to reach my dreams? I know I have great things coming in my life but it’s important to recognize the work that must be done for these ocean views. For this beach life I must be my own brand, my own business, my own dream. I’m ready to do what I need to do to bring my dreams to reality. I’m divinely blessed but now it is time to bless divinely. 

Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth : 08.20.2017 

I’ve had this mantra that I’ve been repeating to myself, day by day…

Finally…. I’ve taken that first step towards something. The something that will make a difference in my life and afford me the balance and the passion that I’ve searched for.  

All in God’s timing is what I tell myself, I have to remain patient and wait on this blessing. I know it’s going to be difficult and stressful but what in life worth having isn’t. I see the light, I feel like I have a plan I can stick to and a plan that I can actually achieve. Goals. We all have them, we all fight for them, for that dream to become fruition. This may not be my dream but it is a step towards that. And for that I am grateful. I’ve had this mantra I’ve been repeating to myself all week, day by day….

Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 7.16.2017

A week of stress and deadlines that are being met but barely. I’m still shining more than my peers (Beyoncé comes to mind) but is it enough? Life just keeps handing me thankless opportunities to grow and develop the type of professional I want to be but do I want to be a “professional” maybe I just want to be creative! Then again, I do like making money, sometimes too much or maybe not enough. I have associates that are making the big bucks but are they happy? It reminds me of a phrase that one of my professors use to utter, ” Money can only buy happiness , if the happiness you after can be bought.” It’s time to take steps, steps to achieving and being all I want to be. All I want to be is…..