Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: April 1st – #Easter

On this day I am reminded not only of the sacrifice of our Savior but of the meaning that it holds. So many times in today’s society we recognize that the ability to love and be selfless is lost among us. However, this spiritual leader gave his life so that we all may have the opportunity to live a life free of sin and pain. Unfortunately, achieving this in our lives have been a difficult task due to our own issues. The work that we must be willing to put in is the reflection upon ourselves and the spiritual work involved in that. This week I am working on something different in my approach and in the way I pray and praise.

There are some things in my life that I must be willing to sacrifice in order to achieve and reach what God has for me. Calvary is the symbol of sacrifice and the unconditional love of Christ, meant to represent the love that Jesus had for us. Although this post is crafted towards those in Christian leaning belief systems, the message to take from this is that we all need to be more giving and willing to sacrifice things for the greater good. What are we willing to do for each other? Are we willing to do what is necessary so that not only our needs are met but those of the ones we love? Today I ask that you not only reflect on the sacrifice of Christ but his resurrection. Just like in our own lives we must be willing to sacrifice our old self and be prepared for the resurrection of our spiritual being.

Luke 24

Peace and Love,

Michael Anthony

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