Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 09.09.2018

So It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write something on this, impart to searching for career fulfillment and overall fulfillment in my life. There have been battles that I have been facing lately, things that I didn’t think would affect me the way it does. The desire to explore and achieve happiness outside of my relationship with my partner, family, and some friends. It’s interesting to find yourself in a place of confusion and fear, fear of loneliness and uncertainty about the future.

This uncertainty doesn’t have to be a negative thing as change is what makes the world go around. I’m keeping it short to say, I’m back. Changes are on the way not just on this platform but in my life and brand. I hope the change brings new interesting people into my life and amazing people to my blog and my world. Until keep finding your own worth. See you soon!


Peace and love,

Michael Anthony


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The Blind Date

We realized the blind can’t lead the blind…

When I open my eyes I search for your face

It escapes my vision, not quite in my point of view

You aren’t exactly what I hoped for is plastered on both of our faces

You shudder as I inch closer to you and avoid my attempted greet and embrace

This reminds me of the chase but normally both people are in the race

Perhaps this was a mistake plays in my mind like an old record player

It constantly skips the best part

We realize that the blind can’t lead the blind

So I close my eyes and open them again

Hoping that just maybe this time it will be different

Maybe all of my time won’t be annoyingly spent

I’ve gotta stop letting my friends set me up on these things

As that thought crosses my mind, my phone rings

Sigh. This is an emergency and I’ve gotta run

Dodged a bullet, now I can go have some real fun (Netflix and leftovers)





Peace and Love,


Michael Anthony


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Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 05.22.2018

The only unhappy person following a dream is the one following someone else’s…

Time has been coming up a lot in my life lately, the feeling that time is running out or rather being used in the wrong way. I ask myself what can I do to improve this pattern? What can I do to stop the procrastination that comes with depression? I tell myself to return to the things I love to do like reading, writing, research, travel, etc. By doing these things am I not dedicating time to what I need to do? No, the things that I am passionate about should be key in my life because those things will breed successful results and an opportunity to turn my passions into purpose. That’s something that we all need to do, have confidence in creating our empire and doing so by dedicating time to our passions whatever they may be. The only unhappy person following a dream is the one following someone else’s.

Peace and Love,

Michael Anthony

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Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth: 05.06.2018

This week has been a mix of sadness, happiness, frustration, clarity, anger, disappointment, and hope. I’ve been praying and praying for God to provide me answers to some hard-hitting questions about my career choices and goals. Has he given me the answer albeit in a way that I really don’t like? I’ve been kinda preparing for a change anyway but who would’ve thought it would come this way because someone couldn’t keep up their end of the deal and I’m not talking about a specific someone if you get my drift. It’s disheartening having to start over when you didn’t want to or at least not right now. However, there is something that my friends and I always say to each other and it proves to be true even now, “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready”. Those words ring true especially in this day and time when nothing is certain or permanent. If people don’t like where they live or work they can move or quit and it’s not as big of a deal as it was in the 50s and 60s.

We are in a different day and time where relationships, friendships, careers are all up in the air. Companies are constantly “restructuring” leaving their employees unemployed or underemployed. Significant others are looking for their “soul mates” even if that involves doing it while they are still together. Things have changed and for better or worse change is good. With this huge change that has entered my life, I find myself searching for understanding but also putting in the work needed to ensure that I am constantly advancing. I have been mulling over this new potential career track for a while now even in college. Although I know ultimately I want to be a full-time or at least part-time blogger, I have career aspirations that require me to get an MBA along with some additional marketing experience. This next opportunity is strengthening another passion of mine, the desire to help, encourage, and to educate.

I’m preparing for the journey, I have no other choice but to. God, I just ask that you prepare me mentally, emotionally, and physically. I think I am ready to start again but there is this worry that exists when it comes to waiting for answers and calls. “I’ll be ok” is what I tell myself, I have a plan. There is just the fear of uncertainty but I am ready for the challenge. Plus I have the opportunity to do something amazing and great for myself and for others and I have to be happy for the opportunity from God to do that.

Peace and Love,

Michael Anthony

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Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth : 08.20.2017 

I’ve had this mantra that I’ve been repeating to myself, day by day…

Finally…. I’ve taken that first step towards something. The something that will make a difference in my life and afford me the balance and the passion that I’ve searched for.  

All in God’s timing is what I tell myself, I have to remain patient and wait on this blessing. I know it’s going to be difficult and stressful but what in life worth having isn’t. I see the light, I feel like I have a plan I can stick to and a plan that I can actually achieve. Goals. We all have them, we all fight for them, for that dream to become fruition. This may not be my dream but it is a step towards that. And for that I am grateful. I’ve had this mantra I’ve been repeating to myself all week, day by day….

Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth- 7.9.2017

Finally!! A weekend not filled with emergencies and headaches but Monday is tomorrow.  So of course that means another day of hard-work and surprises. Let’s just hope I can manage. I’ve been searching a lot lately, searching for the thing that brings me joy and how I can share that with the world, how I can utilize it position myself for growth. It doesn’t have to be money or the perfect job but something. I mean others look at my life and think I have a pretty good handle on things and I mean I do. I’m in a great relationship and I have great friends and some family support. But what’s missing? The days never seemed this short before. I never seemed this short before, temper rises and then settles at the drop of a dime. Clarity. Something to bring blue skies to this cloudy day. The clouds drop and settles on the ground like fog and I’m missing….

Finding Worth in the Middle of the Earth-6.25.2017

4AM?! Yep that’s the time I had to get up today because of another issue on that thing sitting on my nightstand. That thing that has us all hypnotized by it’s sleek metal and glass melding together to create our planners, “lives”, relationships! Oh how I wish I could throw this fine piece of glass and metal against the wall. Woken up again with the same old story and maybe that’s what the issue is, it’s the same old story some days change others remain the same but here I am again caught in this rhyming game. I know that there is more out there because who would’ve imagined this little piece of glass and metal running our whole lives, who would’ve dreamt it?! I tell you who, a rich son of a… There is so much that I can achieve but am I ready for it, being a little fish in this big pond (boring analogy, I know) can be so annoying. The potential lies within me, it lies within us all but taking that next step can sometimes be frightening especially at 4am…

The Successful Failure

What is your definition of success?

Each day I wake up with a new idea, a new dream, and aspiration only to realize that just like leaves on a tree they all blow and wither away. Am I not thinking hard enough or trying hard enough. Or maybe it’s my dreams, maybe they aren’t good enough maybe I’m trying to achieve something that just isn’t for me. Could it be? Could it be that all this time I was just living in the clouds about my abilities and talents. I wonder, I wonder if I’m really mean to do great things or am I just great at mediocrity. For real! Have you ever asked yourself the same questions? What were your answers? I don’t know maybe this liquor has me feeling a way, has caught up in my feelings as I long for hope and a place to stay. Wanting someone to believe in me and to take my words as truth and light to see my ideas and invest in me with time and patience. To understand that I’m just trying to make a living, just trying to find the way or could it be that this is the way. Too many glasses of this cheap chardonnay has me feeling as if I could live for centuries and die in days. Can I? Will it let me? Will I be able to escape this mundane existence I’ve created for myself, locked away in an office everyday typing away about people’s lives that are more exciting than mine. People who actually achieved things and who get paid for it, people who climb mountains and have seen seas. While I sit here hoping to achieve the same, what is hope? What is hope if I can’t bring it to fruition, If  I can’t swim the sea, If I can’t–I just cant! I can’t do anything but sip this wine and think of the dream never realized, what type of life is this to live in this office everyday, glancing at people who have no sympathy. They don’t care about the things that bother me. They don’t understand me! What success have I achieved if all I do is interview people about the exciting shit they do?! None. That’s the answer, then I think to myself, ” I really look crazy right now, talking to this glass of wine”. But oh well.